Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Day, Another Dig

Did you know a large percentage of women who go through a divorce, end up bankrupt?  Seems I am headed that way.  Sometimes I cannot even believe I am in this situation.  Married 25 years, stood behind my husband in the background, worked, sold inheritance to put him through 2 graduate degrees.  I have endured countless years of his jealousy, accusations and verbal and emotional abuse.  I have had my self-esteem ripped from me.  I have been called multiple names (yes, anything you can image), yelled at, ripped apart and left in a heap on the floor, a puddle, crying hysterically and blaming it all on myself.  I worked myself to death in th is family.  I did everything.  He took out the trash.  I didn't give him "honey-do" lists on the weekend because he wanted to play.  Because he didn't help, I had an overload of work.  Now we are divorcing and I have had all financial support removed from me, I am cashing in and selling assets to live.  He is traveling around the world with our children and I am not even trusted enough to take care of our animals.  The wounds are so deep and painful.  Has anyone had this situation?  How did you work out of it?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From Professional to Homeless

Every wonder . . . could it happen to me?  I didn't think it could happen to me.  I am well-educated, a professional and yet, here I find myself going through a very nasty divorce with a narcissitic, controlling man who has no self-esteem but to destroy my life.  Stay with me as I post each day.  I have had all financial support cut off from  him after I paid all of the bills.  Now I am going to probably watch my business go down the tubes.  I am also homeless.  I gave notice at one apartment to move out and lost another place to live (where my kids would have come and visited me) because he cut off all financial support.  I have medical issues, but he doesn't care.  Stay with me and share your story.  Hopefully, together we can find a better path for women.  I feel like the floor has dropped out from underneath me.  I am homeless.  I don't have a home.  Is a home a building, a bed, a place to sleep?  I am falling fast.  Somebody help me. . . .